Eat and Teach Collaboration Series

The Department of Dining Services and Residential Education & Housing works with each of our own seven schools to use food as a means of combining culinary experience with classroom teaching and education.

Accolades and Qualitative Feedback

Food Service Director - The Dining Services team was featured in the magazine for Compounds & Cuisines lunch event which was part of TCNJ's Week of Science. Dining Services partnered with the Chemistry department on and guest chefs to showcase techniques in molecular gastronomy like gelification, turning liquids into powder and making ice cream from liquid nitrogen. Read the full article here. 
The Trenton Times - Our Compounds and Cuisines event was featured in the Trenton Times in March 2013. The article details the event and showcases photos from the luncheon. Read the full article here.
Another outcome of the execution of these events are the relationships we established with each of the Deans, department chairs and faculty as a result of these programs. In a few instances, faculty members wrote to us at the conclusion of the programs: 
Jeffrey M. Osborn, Ph.D, Dean 
School of Science 
Compounds and Cuisines: The Science of What You're Eating Luncheon, Spring 2013 
"TCNJ Dining Services is the single most engage, student-focused/learning-focused dining operation that I have had the privilege to collaborate with over the 22 years that I have served as a faculty member, academic administrator, and consultant at many institutions around the country."

Professor Benny Chan, Professor 
School of Science 
Kitchen Chemistry: The Science of What You're Eating Luncheon, Spring 2013.
Molecular Gastronomy Senior Level Science Course"Ever since I began to watch Alton Brown's Good Eats during graduate school, I have always wanted to teach a course on the chemistry and science of cooking. I am a self-described foodie who not only likes to eat different foods, but I also love to understand recipes so I can adapt to realize these interests. We began first by organizing a campus seminar and kitchen demonstration on molecular gastronomy, the science of what we eat. The experience culminated with a design of a course on Kitchen Chemistry that utilized the T-Dubs kitchen to show students the science behind recipes and then using the scientific method to understand the recipes. We are hoping to continue the relationship by offering this course as a general elective for the entire student population. I couldn't have realized any of these activities without the strong partnership between academic and student sides of TCNJ."
Sadia Tahir, TCNJ Class of 2014 
At the time of the Compound & Cuisines events, Sadia was the Student Government VP of Equity and Diversity and also sat on the School of Science Advisory Board that helped in the planning of the event.
"Compounds & Cuisines was an event held in Eickhoff Dining Hall as part of TCNJ's Week of Science. It's purpose was to explore how sciences influence what we eat and how we cook.  This event enhanced student learning because TCNJ students were able to learn scientific techniques in molecular gastronomy, such as gellification, from the guest chefs and executive chefs.  This event was also interdisciplinary in nature since it combined culinary experiences with chemistry."
Brian Garsh, TCNJ Class of 2015 
At the time of the Compound & Cuisines event, Brian was the Class of 2015 President.
"The Compound & Cuisines lunch was a great experience because it engaged students in learning outside of the classroom.  As a chemistry major, this event was really interesting because it brought laboratory techniques and methods to my dining experience. It was great to see students who are non-science majors learning about the STEM fields and how they can be used in so many ways. Sodexo did an amazing job bringing in guest chefs and equipment, decorating Eickhoff Dining Hall, and incorporating student organizations into the event. It was truly an incredible experience!"
Professor Dr. Luis Gabril-Stheeman, Chair 
Deparment of World Languages and Cultures 
We Take you Places Luncheon, Fall 2013.
"As Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, I feel most grateful and indebted to TCNJ's Dining Services. The international luncheon held on November 13, 2013 in Eickhoff Hall, underscored and highlighted in a most creative way our own academic goals and values. The event proved to be a very successful way to connect with students interested in studying abroad.  The thoughtful, multicultural and succulent menus, the enticing displays, banners, and dining station arrangements, the music playlists, the video feeds and slideshows, the space given to our different language clubs... everything in sum became an invaluable endorsement of TCNJ's multicultural and international calling. Our department would like to comment Dining Services and most especially Karen Roth and Joanna Brunell for their support."
Steve Schreiner, Dean 
School of Engineering 
Fueling your Future Luncheon, Spring 2014
"This event could only happen at an institution that values a strong partnership between student affairs and academic affairs, offering a unique opportunity to engage the campus community in extraordinary learning opportunities such as this."
Tammy Germana, Assistant Dean of the School of Business 
Keys to Success, Fall 2014.
"The Business School is grateful to the TCNJ Dining Services staff for developing a creative opportunity to bridge the student dining experience with their academic experience. The 'Keys to Success' lunch combined the vision of student volunteering with the expertise of the dining staff to deliver an engaging experience featuring international foods and economies, personal financial tips, and student opportunities. We look forward to working with you again!"